About Us

The key to Maggie’s to lies somewhere in between her tenured beauty expertise and her warm and approachable personality. Not happy with high priced cosmetics and not willing to settle for anything less than the best, Maggie set out to find high quality cosmetics and skincare without the high price tag.  Maggie’s Cosmetics.com is now proud to offer high quality products that are easy-to-use for every day beauty concerns.  That’s because Maggie takes her consumers’ needs and wants into consideration every time she develops a product…guaranteeing only the very best quality. 

From an early age, Maggie knew her future would be in makeup. "Every time I went to the mall I would stop by the makeup counters just so I could see and read about the products." “I would have friends ask me to do their makeup for special events,” she explains.  Her exceptional ability in connecting with her consumers with her authentic persona has been a key to her success and led to a following for her brand.  

When it comes to today’s beauty, Maggie has an uncanny knack for knowing what works and what wows. She’s masterminded an ingenious collection of color cosmetics that feature the most innovative new products, and the most inviting, wonderfully wearable colors that give every woman a fresh and fabulous look. Unlike other beauty companies, Maggie doesn't subscribe to trends. "Every woman wants to look her best.”  Some of her most favorite and successful products include such favorites as “Crème foundation”, “Vitamin wash cleanser”, “Gel Eye liner,”  the “mineral collection.” 

maggiescosmetics.com not only offers outstanding customer service but dedicted staff to help make your experience the very best.

All proudly made in the USA.


Because you’re worth it!